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Welcome to! is a forum aiming to collect and redistribute academic contents for everyone.

You are free to post contents excluding advertisements on this website as long as they are absolutely legal. We impose minimal moderation of the posts and we aim to be an alternative to websites like Stack Overflow which enforce strict moderation on questions and other contents.
You are free to upload images with the "Add Images" button below as long as they follow Imgur's Terms of Service.

However, we are not responsible for any copyright infringements and other legal problems and the responsibilities lie upon the original writer of the post. If there is any cases regarding this, please do message one of the administrators or moderators and we will remove them as soon as possible. We will try our best to receive these requests promptly, but we may take time.

You must not post or link any content described in the "Prohibited Content" page. (

You must activate your account by accessing the confirmation link sent to your email. In case you do not receive the email, there are known cases of not receiving emails in accounts like Yandex. Please use SSO or another email.

Also, file uploads are disabled in order to provide a more reliable service. Image uploads are provided by Imgur. We recommend using external file hosting services like for files other than images. Links included must be permanent for everyone to view. The language must be in unambiguous English. Links do not have be in English but the contents within the post must be translated to English.

If there are any problems using the website, please post on the Forum Suggestions and Support section.

Using this website means that users fully understand this page and agree to these conditions and on taking full responsibility for any legal problems.

Also, we highly recommend you to add tags in the posts.

We have added advertisements below the posts. Please understand that the advertisements are irrelevant to the website. If you feel any inconvenience with the ads, please do ignore them.

You may embed html code that are related to the post except ones that do not comply to the above conditions.

Other than this,
Good Luck!

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